Erin + Andy . Anglesey, Wales U.K.


The rugged, picturesque landscape of North Wales was the perfect backdrop for Erin & Andy, who spent many days exploring its varied terrain. Erin is a close university friend (in the U.S., we say "college", for all you blokes!) envied for her global adventures, spending time working between the U.K. and Africa for several years, where she met Andy on the field. When presented me with the honor of travelling to Wales as their photographer, I was humbled - an absolute opportunity of a lifetime!

My journey was a thrilling one. After landing in Manchester, we drove through the the beautiful town of Chester, England, soaked in the vistas at Conwy Castle, and arrived at the bucolic site of the Isle of Anglesey off the coast of Wales where Andy grew up. Being there for several days on the isle offered an opportunity to take some video off my DSLR as well, and I am glad to feature my first highlight film that attempts to represent the true beauty of the Welsh landscape. The ceremony was held at Llangeinwen Church, which has been standing there since the 9th century. Incredible!

To Erin & Andy: A special thanks for the opportunity to bear witness to your wonderful vows, and opening my eyes to the beauty of a land few have seen.